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Diese Zusammenfassung ist sehr hilfreich:


During the interim period, two-character designators may be duplicated in a controlled environment.

The following criteria shall apply to controlled duplicate designators:

The same code will not be duplicated if the companies:

    Publish passengers schedules; or

    Publish cargo schedules; or

    participate in the industry shared telecommunications facilities except under Banding as in RP 1008; or

    at the time of assignment, it is known by IATA that the companies serve the same general geographic area.

In the event that one of the companies with a duplicated designator changes it status, and falls into one of the criteria listed above, the company which had the designator first shall continue too have the use of the code and IATA will change the designator of the other companies which shared the designator.

If an airline has nominated a predesignated point the airline's tow-character designator will not be duplicated.

Ein "Duplicated Code" wird also nur erteilt, wenn der "Zweitnutzer" keine geplanten Linienverbindungen im Passenger- oder Cargobereich anbietet und sich die Einsatzgebiete der beiden Airlines nicht überschneiden.



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