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  1. Flugzeug-Enteisung

    Workshop Belastung der Mitarbeiter bei der Flugzeug-Enteisung am 22.2.2018 in Frankfurt: · Study of the Effects of Postures and Activities on Heart Rate Variability (Le Floch, T., Nadeau, S., Morency, F., Landau, K. ) · FRAM: A Complex System's Approach for the Evaluation of Aircraft On-ground Deicing Operations (Slim, H., Nadeau, S., Morency, F) · Ergonomics of aircraft de-icing : Simulation of musculoskeletal disorders on upper limbs for manual de-icing operations(Grébot, J., Nadeau, S., Landau, K.) · Workload analysis and ergonomic evaluation of aircraft de-icing work (Landau, K., Nadeau, S., Le Floch, T., Morency, F. ).