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225 in Eindhoven

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Guest Trainer

Grüß Gott


Das stand im DUS-Forum:




Forgive me the use of english, the maybe offtopic message but I thought some of you might be interested in the news below.


This Friday, August 1 the Antonov 225 is expected at Eindhoven airport, the Netherlands.

Arrival will be at 0850 local time from Tashkent, departure the same day ay 12:00 to Gostomel.


The aircraft will probably bring in cargo from the Dutch army that served 6 months in Afghanistan.


The weatherforecast for Friday is very nice so a good opportuntity to make a photo of the aircraft.






Dieser Artikel interessiert Euch hoffentlich genau so wie mich.

Deshalb: Was ist dies für ein Airport? Militär oder Civil? Wo sind die Spotterpoints? Hat er eine Besucherterasse und wie ist diese? Wo liegt er genau?


Jetzt schon mal vielen Dank für Eure Hilfe!




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Guest marcel


The ETA of the AN225 tomorrow in Eindhoven has been delayed to 12:30 local time. Aircraft will arrive from ETTN (Tashkent). There is no official ETD. After the Antonov is unloaded, it will depart.


Source; Flight Information Eindhoven and current as of 19:00 LT. Information has put on internet on request of FIO to avoid disappointment of many enthousiasts. 1000's of enthousiasts are expected, including number of coaches from the UK. Please forward to other mailing groups which are not included.


best regards,



Don't forget, I am only the messenger. Due to the delay, I have to miss the event myself.

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