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Spotter helfen Airport bei Suche nach B737-Vorderrad

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Habe gerade beim durchstöbern des Avherald einen interessanten Artikel gelesen:


Incident: Lufthansa B733 at Hamburg on Apr 7th 2011, dropped wheel on landing

By Simon Hradecky, created Friday, Apr 8th 2011 10:18Z, last updated Wednesday, May 18th 2011 07:11Z


A Lufthansa Boeing 737-300, registration D-ABEH performing flight LH-2809 from Cologne to Hamburg Fuhlsbuettel (Germany) with 81 passengers and 5 crew, landed on Fuhlsbuettel's runway 33 and taxied to the gate. After arriving at the gate the captain radioed tower that some parts of the landing gear might be left behind on the runway. Several aircraft were instructed to go-around, a runway inspection did initially not find any debris on the runway but then planespotters from the fence pointed the ground vehicle towards taxiway C near runway 33, where the right hand nose wheel had come to rest.


The NTSB reported on May 18th 2011 that the aircraft experienced a nose wheel failure upon landing. The German BFU is investigating.


Hier der Link zum Artikel: Avherald - B737 Incident at HAM



Dazu fällt mir auch wieder das T-Shirt ein auf dem steht: "No I am not a terrorist - I am a planespotter!"

Dies sollten sich auch mal Spotter-unfreundliche Airports durchlesen ;)


Schönen Sonntag noch

Gruß Henrik

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Dabei ist HAM selber nicht der spotterfreundlichste Flughafen ;) - vllt lernt man dort als erstes.

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