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23.08.2014: Vulkanausbruch des Dyngjujökull (Island)

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The Icelandic volcano Bardarbunga is showing signs of imminent eruption? 
and its aviation alert status has been raised to RED 
(eruption is imminent with significant emission of ash into atmosphere likely).
A Danger Area has been declared around the volcano,
Notam A0266/14 refers

The Volcanic Ash Advisory Centre (VAAC) London will produce a forecast of the likely ash behaviour every six hours.
That forecast will highlight the probable location of medium and high levels of ash density. 
See Met Office: Air ash concentration charts North Atlantic area Public for Ash Concentration Graphics.

Based on the VAAC forecast, the Civil Aviation Authorities might issue a NOTAM 
advising airspace users of the location of medium and high density ash areas. 

Using that information and procedures previously agreed with their safety regulator,
it is the responsibility of individual airlines to decide
whether they will operate and issue their flight plans accordingly.



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von einem "Ausbruch" im klasssischen Sinne kann bisher wohl nicht die Rede sein.


Wohl mehr ein Lavastrom ,der im Berginnern auf Gletschereis getroffen ist.


Denn ausser Dampfwölkchen ist nicht viel zu erkennen. Die Erdstösse haben sich auch eher beruhigt.


am besten kann man den Berg hier beobachten:

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